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club_alicino's Journal

Club Alicino '05-'06
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In 1960 a public high school was established at 140 Brandeis Road in Newton Centre, Massachusetts. That high school is Newton South High School. Its colors are blue and orange, its mascot a lion. Boasting award winning newspapers, sports teams and theater department, NSHS isn't a cult, a gang, but a community. And just for kicks, it's a community with a mission statement...

Newton South High School a community of students, parents, faculty and staff,
Is dedicated to equality and opportunity for all
Expects integrity; responsibility; and respect for self, others, and the environment
Creates a climate of safety and kindness
Encourages communication and personal connections
Nurtures curiosity, creativity, and a passion for learning
Fosters self-confidence and success for all learners

Okay, that was just to be funny. Seriously, how many opportunities do you get to irritate1 instill values with the mission statement? Now for the real purpose of this userinfo.

NSHS is a community, and within that community is a club. Located on the 2nd floor of the 1000's is Club Alicino '05-'06. A group of freshman and their teacher that inhabit room 1206 several blocks of the day. We read, we write, we make fun of Holden, Romeo, and the whole gang - sometimes, we even leave class for fire alarms.


1- Ms. Alicino's classes fully realize the mission statement is of true value to the school...we also love NEASC, did we mention that?